Ben Fankhauser at opening night of Heathers.

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That ain’t good enough, Jacky boy. You gotta show me.

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"A pirate’s life is a wonderful life, you’ll find adventure and sport. But live every minute, for all that is in it, the life of a pirate is short!"

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Freffy + Looks

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lets just talk about the fact that i now have a tan line on my forehead from my bangs. thx florida <333333

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Favorite Songs in Musicals  Carrying the Banner- Newsies

Look, they’re puttin’ up the headline. They call that a headline? The idiot who wrote it must be workin’ for the Sun!

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"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls - welcome to the Magic Kingdom! You are warmly invited to join Mickey Mouse and his Fantasyland friends for a magical celebration in the streets. Dreams will come true, hearts will soar, and you will become part of the magic. For the time has come to take your places, and prepare to welcome the wondrous and wonderful, Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade!"

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Magic Kingdom: Br’er Rabbit by Hamilton! on Flickr.

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Silly old bear

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